Thanks to all who gave feedback a few weeks ago when I thought we might have the opportunity for this giveaway.

We’re still waiting to hear about an order for additional episodes for Chuck, but by the time this contest is over hopefully we’ll know.  While we wait — prizes!

Update: no more waiting, Chuck got an order for an additional  11 episodes for a total of 24.  But there’s still the prizes!

Alas, I was unable to secure the ginormous Captain Awesome statue as a prize, but we have two very cool Chuck-themed prize packages to give away:

  • A pair of size 11 men’s Converse All-Stars (Chuck Taylors – AKA “Chucks”) with each toe and the inside lid of the box autographed by Yvonne Strahovski.  There’s also a Nerd Herd lanyard and bumper sticker.
  • A pair of size 8.5 women’s (6.5 men’s) Converse All-Stars with each toe and the inside lid of the box autographed by Zac Levi. There’s also a Buy More lanyard and a Nerd Herd bumper sticker.

Very special thanks to Mr. Levi and Ms. Strahovski,  and our friend and  TVbytheNumbers’ reader “Paul 80”  who is on the crew of Chuck for setting us up with this cool and unique giveaway.

Don’t let my bad photography fool you, the shoes are very cool and come with official Chuck logo shoelaces.

Ok, how to win…

Contest open only to residents of the USA & Canada.  If you have won a prize in the last year, you’re not eligible.

1.) if you haven’t already, you have to become a fan of our Facebook page.

2.) you need to post a comment on our Facebook page that you want the Chuck prizes. Example:

3.) You’ll only be entered into the drawing one time no matter how many comments you leave.

4.) The contest will be open through Halloween (October 31, 2010).  Shortly afterward I will randomly select one lucky male entrant to receive the prize package including the shoes autographed by Yvonne and one lucky female entrant for the the prize package with the shoes autographed by Zac.

You don’t have to use my exact example.  Anything indicating you want the Chuck prizes will do.  If you want to grovel, or write 50 words on why you love Chuck, it won’t help your case, but it won’t hurt your chances either.

Please note: entering comments on this blog post will not enter you into the contest, you need to do that on our Facebook page  (see steps 1.) & 2.) above.

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