Monk returns this Friday for its 8th and final season this Friday, August 7th at 9pm.   Sorry it took so long, but we were able to line up some really cool prize packages for a “guess the ratings of the Monk premiere” contest.

Guess how many live+SD (same day DVR)  viewers the premiere will average  and enter your guesses out to three decimal places (example, 5.537 million) in the comments below.   The closest to the actual reported numbers without going over will win the grand prize,  but we do have some prizes for the second place winner too!  Before getting to the prizes…a few rules


  1. The contest is only open to people who live in the United States who are at least 18 years of age. We love our international friends, but the promotion is in support of the US premiere and they will not ship the prize package outside of the US.
  2. Guesses must be posted prior to 9pm ET on August 7.
  3. You need to use a real e-mail address you can be reached at in the comments, otherwise we won’t have any way to contact you to get your address so you can be shipped your prize
  4. We’re going to do this The Price is Right style, whoever comes closest, without going over wins!
  5. In the event of a tie, whoever posted the guess first wins, so you’ll want to look at the predictions before yours to make sure you’re not making a guess somebody has already made
  6. You can only make ONE guess!
  7. Please enter the guesses as follows and you must enter out to three decimal places — that will really help with the tie breakers. Example:  5.168 million

OK, so that was more than a few rules, but now for the good stuff:


MONK Grand Prize Winner:monk commuter
Monk Bobblehead
“Monk & The Dirty Cop” Novel
Monk Season 6 & 7 DVD
Monk Commuter Mug
Monk Hat

MONK 1st Runner Up:
Monk Hat
Monk Commuter Mug

We’ll know the results by next Tuesday (August 11) and will do an announcement/notify the winners by next Tuesday night.

Good luck!

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