I was at a bar tonight with a bunch of people who can never agree on anything and then Shaq Vs. came on. Instant agreement when it comes to Shaq.  They looked at me because somehow I have  gotten a reputation for always being disagreeable no matter what.  But not here.  Everyone loves Shaquille O’neal.  Everyone.  Me too.

Ok, maybe not Kobe, but everyone else.

I’m not sure Shaq Vs. is going to be a hit in the ratings.  The show’s premise was enjoyable enough.  Some of the production (like the  announcer team) was a little annoying, but Shaq being entertaining still shone through.

I really do wonder if  in a year or two,  Shaq might take a run at late night.  He’s got his hand in a lot of things, not to mention next season with Lebron.  And he’s doing his WWE RAW appearances and Shaq Vs. plus he wants to be on ABC’s Wipeout.   I have no idea of late night is something he has his sights set on, but if he does, I could see him being successful at it.

Some guys are great competitors who make for great entertainers when they are at the top of their games.  Michael Jordan.  Tiger Woods.  Kobe.  Shaq, too.  But beyond being a competitor, Shaq loves to entertain. Loves it.  Late night could satisfy that jones on a regular basis.

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