Not that this is a surprise,  especially after it was scrapped during November Sweeps (and OK, the dismal ratings).  The far bigger surprise is the announcement comes about 6 months later than we expected it.  I am sad on multiple levels that Dollhouse has been canceled.

via THR:

“Dollhouse” is closing its doors at Fox.

The network has canceled Joss Whedon’s cult fave, which in May beat the odds with a second-season pickup despite low ratings.

The sci-fi series, which is filming episode 11, is expected to finish its 13-episode order.

After some dismal performance this fall, despite the ratings bumps “Dollhouse” got from DVR viewing, Fox benched the show for the November sweep after four episodes.

The fate of the remaining episodes is still unknown.

Update: The Wrap’s Joe Adalian reports that the December 4 episode will air as planned.  The Futon Critic suggests that the show’s future is not set in stone, and that FOX is stressing it has only capped the order at 13 episodes and has not determined the show’s future (they have since updated the post in a way suggesting they were just getting spin from the network and that it has been canceled).

However, banishing it from November Sweeps (on a Friday, no less) and capping the episode order at 13 episodes usually means canceled.   For now, I’m sticking with  THR’s “Dollhouse Canceled” and interpreting it the same way as they are.  No additional episodes ordered now means no additional episodes ordered period.  We’ll see…

Another update: Via Mo Tancharoen: Yes. Cancelled. Sad but true.

Here is the current schedule for Dollhouse episodes (tentative as always):

12/4  2 episodes from 8p-10p
12/11 2 episodes from 8p-10p
12/18  2 episodes from 8p-10p
1/8 1 ep @9pm
1/15 1 ep @9pm
1/22 1 ep @9pm (series finale)
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