Southland being canceled prior to the first airing of its second season wasn’t yet another sign of the Leno-pocalyse, but just the another clean up action in the post-Ben Silverman NBC era. (the first being the reduction of Day One to a four hour miniseries)

What other Ben Silverman garbage is likely already loaded on the truck and is ready to be dumped?

I’d lay odds that Parenthood is the next “surprise” to be canceled. It’s production was pushed back because of medical issues with its star and isn’t scheduled to appear until next spring. I’ll guess we never see it.

The others are easy for anyone reading our NBC Renew / Cancel posts. Trauma, Mercy and Parks & Recreation are all Silverman-era detrius that will at some point this season be flushed prior to the end of this season.

The only vestiges of the Silverman era left at NBC at the end of this season are likely to be Biggest Loser and Celebrity Apprentice. Based on their most recent ratings, they aren’t going anywhere.

Is this hope for the Leno Skeptics? I don’t think so. That move was all Jeff Zucker, and he’s also not going anywhere.

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