Dollhouse would have better ratings if it had somehow incorporated vampires into the show’s theme, or at least the title of the show according to a person close to the series. The person, who lacked authority to release the information, spoke to me exclusively on condition of anonymity.

“Joss has been heard around the set muttering, ‘Hello!?  The dolls sleep in high-tech coffins for crissakes!  Coffins!”

Ok, so I made all of that up. Well, except for the dolls sleeping in high tech coffins, which they do.  And at this point there seems little doubt that if the exact same show were called Vampire Dollhouse, more people would watch it.

Joss Whedon is no stranger to having success with vampires, though my perception is he had his success when vampires weren’t quite as hot as they are right now.   Between Twilight, True Blood and even the CW averaging nearly 5 million for the premiere of  The Vampire Diaries, the genre is on fire.

Dollhouse returns on Friday, September 25, without fangs or a blood-thirsty Caroline, but with the high-tech coffins and an appearance from another Battlestar Galactica alumnus.

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