In both the entertainment media and in comments on our site there have been hopes expressed that Comcast will “fix” the problems with NBC’s primetime line up in a white knight riding in to save the day sort of way (although they won’t be vanquishing the “black knight” Jeff Zucker, they kept him in charge of the business for at least the next year or so).

I remarked in our comments that NBC’s primetime line up was far more important to fans than it’s likely to be to Comcast.  Why?

NBC’s broadcast business is a tiny part of the new company, and NBC’s primetime is only a portion of that. The Wall Street Journal estimates NBC’s broadcast operations are just 5.1% of the revenue of the new Comcast.


I’m not sure what portion of that 5.1% is NBC primetime revenues, but even if it’s 60%, that means NBC primetime revenues are just 3% of the new company’s revenues.

How much of the new Comcast’s attention do you think will be spent on something generating 3% of its revenues?

Likely far less than most fans hoping for the white knight treatment.

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