The amazing story of success for the first season of True Blood on DVD continues.  For the week ending August 16, 2009,  True Blood was the top selling TV show DVD.  It was a slow week without many new releases, but still, True Blood raked in an additional $1.59 million and is approaching $46 million in sales.


On a revenue basis True Blood is the 11th best selling DVD of the season.  The only other TV show in the top 50 is 24, which is now #50 (and falling, and the list we see ends at 50, so…) with $18.184 million in sales.

90210’s first season DVD was released during the week , but did not make the top 30 we see.  But Mad Men, after falling off the list for a few weeks made a comeback and had the week’s second best sales for a TV show with $1.17 million.

Battlestar Galactica is running out of steam as far as staying on the list we see, but was still on the list with about $1.1 million in weekly sales. Last week’s top TV show DVD, The Flight of the Conchords – The Complete Second Season hung around for an additional $925K.

On a unit basis, Conchords was the week’s best selling TV show DVD, but it costs less than the other DVDs. Conchords is currently $19.49 on Amazon, True Blood has a list price of $60, though Amazon is selling it for $34.99 and Mad Men lists at $50 and is going for $32.99 on Amazon.

Family Guy – Volume 7 was also back on the list with $1.015 million in sales.

US TV Show DVD Sales for Week Ending August 16, 2009:

Title Units this week %Change Total Units Sales this week Total Sales Weeks in Release
True Blood: The Complete First Season 44,138 -11.00% 1,314,604 $1,594,706 $45,745,660 13
Mad Men: Season 2 35,582 -.-% 190,255 $1,173,850 $6,347,536 5
Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5 34,872 -39.80% 266,410 $1,098,119 $8,451,739 3
Family Guy – Volume 7 46,311 -.-% 521,308 $1,015,137 $13,099,147 9
Flight of The Conchords: The Complete Second Season 47,465 -56.40% 156,443 $925,093 $3,049,074 2

You can see past weekly lists of TV Show DVD Sales numbers here.


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