Frequent commenter “Forg” suggested we have a “favorite show of the decade” thread.  And honestly, it’s not like we have a lot going on this week.  We’ve done “favorite show” threads before, but never for the whole decade.

Once again, if I list my favorite shows of the decade based on actual viewing, without any doubt it’s ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption.   I’ve had the good fortune since late 2002 of usually being able to watch TV around 2:30 PT (5:30p ET) and when I’m not, the DVR grabs it.   Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon entertained me for almost the whole decade, and since late 2002 I couldn’t have missed more than a handful of PTI episodes (due to power outages and DVR malfunctions).  

ESPN’s Around the Horn at 2pm winds up a close second.  Sure, it has been referred to by some critics as a hideous abomination (and with Jay Marriotti involved it’s hard to reasonably attack such assessments) and even spawned a somewhat accurate parody called “Sports Shouting” on 30 Rock.

Still, I have definitely enjoyed Messers Page, Adande, Cowlishaw, Plaschke, Ryan, Blackistone, Reali etc. (and of course Jackie MacMullan) shenanigans over the years.   And even with Mariotti, there’s still love involved.  Sure, it’s of the love to HATE variety, but it’s still a close second behind PTI for me.  I’ve only missed a few episodes of it since late 2002.   But if I wind up watching both shows off the DVR, I always choose PTI first.  Always.  Sorry, Woody.

Given my love of sports, and TV-viewing that was predominantly sports related in the 2000s, that I’d pick a couple of shows that talk about sports isn’t a huge surprise.

As far as scripted shows go, The Wire was my favorite of the decade.    How about you?

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