It won’t surprise anyone to find American Idol at the top of 2009’s biggest TV moneymakers according to Forbes.  At $8.1 million in revenue per thirty minutes, it easily topped Forbes’ annual list.    Two and a Half Men at number two and $3.1 million per 30 minutes probably won’t surprise a lot of folks very much either.

But what about Fox’s 24 at number three with $3 million?  Especially in light of all the rumblings that Fox is seeking to dump the show (and perhaps pawn it off on NBC) that does seem a bit surprising.  But Forbes reports in one hour in 2009 it fetched $6 million in advertising.  Perhaps 2010 isn’t 2009?

Grey’s Anatomy and V were tied for the next spot on the list at $2.8 million.

See the rest of the top 10 on Forbes.

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