The Futon Critic reports that FOX is changing up its mid-season schedule alreadyHuman Target will still debut on Sunday January 17, and it will have American Idol as its lead-in on Wednesday, January 20.  But after that, it will move to 8pm Wednesdays with Idol taking the 9pm slot.

While  Human Target would certainly benefit from the American Idol lead-in it faces less competition at 8pm.  Some will see this as a sign that FOX is more concerned about getting Human Target out of of far better competition at 9pm Wednesday but it could be FOX  might is just more enamored with making life harder for the other networks, who have some pretty big shows at 9pm  (Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, Modern Family and Cougar Town).  I couldn’t fault FOX for thinking the damage done to the other networks by American Idol will be greater than any damage those shows will do to American Idol.

Of course, ABC could always follow up by announcing it is moving Modern Family and Cougar Town to 8pm, but that sort of thing doesn’t seem likely for a variety of reasons ranging from the content to having to contend with the Olympics for a couple of weeks in February anyway.

Update: Fox is also fiddling a bit with its plans for Sons of Tucson and The Cleveland Show.

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