Because there are way too many variables at work, it’s impossible to draw a cause and effect conclusion for the rise in Fox News ratings since the White House called them out as being “a wing of the Republican party”, but rise they have.

Fox News’ total day adults 25-54 demo ratings and average viewership are up 14% and 9% respectively during the two weeks of “war” vs. the previous two weeks of “peace”. At least for Fox News, this “war” isn’t “hell”.

11/3 Edit: The comparisons in the chart are for a 14 day period prior to the “war” and a 12 day period after the “war”. Using a 14 day period after the “war” began shows increases of 2% for average viewership (P2+) and 7% for demo adults 25-54).

11/4 Edit: A chart with the 14 day to 14 day comparison, created by reader Stuart, is below (above the originally posted chart).

Fox Ratings October

White House War

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