Glee’s returns tonight after American Idol with its first new episode since early December. It’s hard to think of a better ratings combination of two shows together than American Idol and Glee (except for spinoffs ala Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice).

Given that Glee’s last new episode in December hit a 3.7 adults 18-49 rating, that its recent post Idol repeat hit a 3.0 rating, and that last Tuesday’s American Idol had a 7.3 adults 18-49 rating, the sky seems the limit for Glee’s rating tonight.

I think a 5+ adults 18-49 rating is well within the realm of possibility. Given that last night’s Big Bang Theory did a preliminary 5.0 rating (and DWTS a likely to be adjusted up 4.8), Glee could easily end up as the third best 18-49 rated show for the week after the two Idols. I’ll guess a 5.1. Whether I have assumed Robert’s mantle of consistent underguessing is up to you to decide.

What’s your guess?

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