What is the fate of Defying Gravity?  The ratings, which aren’t good, haven’t really been very interesting to follow. It has a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating even with Live+7 factored in wherever the data was available. So I didn’t figure we’d see a season two. But, I’ve been wondering what the fate of season one will be.

To quote my favorite panelist on ESPN’s Around the Horn, “you’ve got to look at the schedule!”

So I did.  You can look at it too (warning it’s a big PDF file that will take a few moments to completely download even on a broadband connection).  After Sunday September 13, 2009, you’ll notice Defying Gravity isn’t on the schedule anywhere.

The episode on 9/13 will be the show’s eighth episode, so I wondered what was up with the remaining five episodes, and what ABC’s plans were (assuming they have any) to air them.  As of this writing, request for comment from ABC has gone unanswered.

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