A TV by the Numbers fan on the crew of Chuck sent us some very cool stuff so we could have a contest with cool prizes.

There are the season one and two comic books, which are probably pretty rare collectibles since each are autographed by all nine of the principal actors.  Then there’s an authentic Chuck tie and Buy More pocket protector (with a couple of pens, natch). 

Normally we’d just do a guess the ratings contest and have 1st prize be your pick of the comic books (the first season book is much thicker on thicker stock, with Season 2 a more traditional comic book), 2nd prize being the other comic book and third prize being the tie and pocket protector.

Oh yeah, we also have a season one DVD.

But I don’t like the thought of some chucklehead picking a number like 2.021 million, and then having the Sunday afternoon Wild Card game be some dramatic double overtime game that goes until 9pm ET only to have chucklehead win the prize.  We still might go the “guess the ratings” route anyway, but, there’s still a little bit of time, so you can offer up your suggestions.

One caveat: if  your idea is something that winds up being a lot of work for us to administer, fugghedaboutit.   Otherwise, we’re open to suggestions.

Whatever the contest, as is typically the case, it’s only open to people in the United States.

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