OK, so there’s not really a steel cage match between Heroes and Chuck.  These are not immortals fighting for supremacy (and ultimate survival.)  But sometimes I just like paying homage to Highlander!

They are at least two shows fighting (albeit not really against each other) for survival.  What will happen?   Both Bill and I think the chances of survival is better than 50% for both shows.  Bill gives a slight edge to Chuck, but I’d have to give the edge to Heroes.  Stay tuned until tomorrow to find out our exact percentages and why as we roll out the penultimate 2009-10 Renew/Cancel index with an “Oddsmakers” edition (with the tip of our hat to Pardon the Interruption.)

I’d rather have given a slight edge to Chuck over Heroes.  I still watch Chuck and I bailed out on season four of Heroes about 15 minutes into it.  Heroes was wonderful for about its first 20 episodes, but from the season one finale through seasons two and three I finally got to the point where I started thinking “Wouldn’t it be really cool if Claire’s powers of indestructibility went away, but she didn’t know it and jumped off a 30 story building without Peter or Nathan around to swoop in and save her?”

Recently I saw an episode of Law & Order: SVU from the way back featuring Hayden Panettiere when she was around 10 years old.  Her character started off being adorable,  but then about halfway through the episode I was rooting for Det. Stabler to throw her off a building.  Perhaps she was typecast from an early age?

What’s that have to do with Heroes’ renewal prospects?  Absolutely nothing, but you can check back tomorrow for more on the renewal prospects.  In the meanwhile here’s another silly poll to bide your time:

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