Human Target executive producer and Jericho alumni Jonathan Steinberg is optimistic about the shows prospects for renewal.     HitFix’s Daniel Fienberg writes that Steinberg hears “good things” from FOX:

“I feel like FOX, they’ve been a fan of the show from early on. I think they got it. I think they like where the show is. I think that even they are aware of the fact that this was such a difficult launch for us, just beeing all over the schedule. On some level, I think it’s about, ‘Let’s may a great show and then let’s figure out how to get people watching it.’ I think that that’s kinda how Kevin Reilly things and how the network thinks. So I’m hopeful. The show has a lot of room to grow, but I’m hopeful we’ll have a chance to do it and make a bunch more of them.”

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Based on what I’ve heard FOXs Kevin Reilly say, I’m not surprised by Steinberg’s remarks.  Reilly has acknowledged the issues with the time slot bouncing around and generally seems positive on the show.

The ratings haven’t been great, but they haven’t been a disaster (no dives below a 2.0).  Since settling in on Wednesday at 8pm its competition is pretty weak, but with the exception of a special Wednesday 8pm airing of Survivor on CBS a couple of weeks ago it has won the time slot.

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