Though I’m not yet sure it won’t be a mid-season show NBC’s  The Cape goes immediately to the top of my list. Nothing says “fan favorite” and “bubble show” quite like Summer Glau.   FireflyTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Heck, she even got in on the Dollhouse action briefly.    While I’m rooting for Ms. Glau’s show to be a hit for her sake, it goes to the top of the list.

Second on my list, and it’s just a hunch right now is No Ordinary Family, the new show from ABC beginning this fall that follows a family with super hero powers.

I haven’t seen the pilots, and of course have no ratings indicators yet,  but those are my guesses. I’m not providing a list of new shows for the 2010-11 season here, though I will likely do that next week.  We haven’t stayed on top of all the pick-ups so far, but The Futon CriticTHR, Deadline and others have.

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