Dollhouse Fall 2009

One week until Dollhouse!  I’m excited.  Really.  And if you think I’m kidding around, you don’t know me.  And I really did love Epitaph One!

As frequent readers know, Bill and I are both huge fans of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption hosted by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.   One of their regular features is the “Over/Under” game where they pose questions like “Over or Under 1 more Grand Slam title for Roger Federer?”

The game is quite often rigged so that the best answer is neither over nor under, but rather exactly the number that is given.  Selecting the exact number given is called a “push” and it’s deemed cowardly, at least by Kornheiser (and Around the Horn host and PTI “Stat Boy” Tony Reali who scores the game) who chides Wilbon incessantly for “pushing” all the time  with mocks of “The game is called OVER or UNDER, not Over or under or PUSH!”

In the spirit of PTI, and Joss Whedon declaring that “I don’t make hit shows, I make shows that stick around,”  I pose the following question:

OVER or UNDER  THIRTEEN new episodes of Dollhouse airing?

It’s a pretty simple game to play.  If you predict UNDER, you believe the show gets canceled before all 13 episodes that were ordered get to air.

If you pick over, you believe Dollhouse will get its back nine order, or at the very least, an order for one additional episode.

Or, if you go the cowardly Wilbon route and push, as I am about to do, you think that Dollhouse will get to air all of the episodes that were ordered, but not get an order for additional episodes.

While I’m tempted to fake it and say “OVER! WAY OVER!  ELEVENTY BILLION MORE EPISODES. AT LEAST!!…,” I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I did love Whedon’s response that he didn’t think the show could go more than 17 seasons without getting repetitive though!

But alas, I’m a coward from Wilbonia, and I’m pushing.  I think Dollhouse will get to air all 13 episodes that were ordered, but won’t get an order for additional episodes.

This prediction does feel like doubling down on a bad bet, especially given previous predictions that the show wouldn’t be renewed for a second season.   But, I’m pushing anyway and going with 13.

How about you? Over, under or cowardly push?

Update: while you didn’t need me to tell you that this is an unscientific poll, the results so far have most certainly been gamed. Sadly, with the polling software we’re using, there’s not much we can do about it.  Our theory is that a few rogue TSCC fans who believe their show was canceled because Dollhouse was kept (something we don’t buy.  at all.) or are just bitter because Dollhouse was kept and TSCC wasn’t are behind the voting totals.  I’d sound the call to arms to Dollhouse fans to vote, but since Dollhouse is still on the schedule and TSCC isn’t, it seems unnecessary.

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