The prevailing themes so far today coming out of the CBS’s  TCA presentation seem to be:

  • it’s cold as hell
  • the WiFi in the ballroom sucks
  • is Alex O’Loughlin a showkiller?

Sorry I’m missing out.  NOT.  Keeping it cold is probably smart though.  It’s hard to nod off when your teeth are chattering and at least so far the events of CBS’s day of the TCA tour seem pretty sleepy.

But I’ve seen a lot of chatter on Twitter and elsewhere about Alex O’Loughlin’s comments during the Hawaii Five-0 presentation. Those comments boil down to he never even met the showrunners on Moonlight (I’m certain a showrunner will pop up to dispute that) and that if Hawaii Five-0 isn’t a hit, he’s not sure anything can make it.

There’s also a lot of chatter about whether Hawaii Five-0 is a third times the charm situation, for O’Loughlin (who headlined the canceled Moonlight and Three Rivers) or whether it will be three strikes and he’s out.

So, here’s a sleepy CBS TCA day poll.

Disclaimer: this poll is: unscientific, completely irrelevant, nonsensical and meant for entertainment purposes only.  Parents, don’t let your kids participate in these polls without reading them the disclaimer!

Update:  here is the full context of Mr. O’Loughlin’s comments, including about not meeting the “Moonlight” showrunners:

I don’t want to
take anything away from the other shows I’ve done.
I’ve worked with some incredible people and some
wonderful showrunners and some — well, “Moonlight,” I
don’t know if I ever met the showrunners. There were
about 17 of them. But the other shows were great in
their own ways. But the thing is there’s a reason
things either work or don’t work in television. And I
don’t know what the answer is. I just sort of keep
blundering along to the next thing and hoping. But
this has — the team behind this, I mean, the two men
here who are at the helm of this show, Peter and Alex,
and the writing staff that we have, it just feels —
everyone feels so capable. There’s also something —
I don’t know. Like I saw the pilot. I read the
pilot, I did the pilot, and I saw what they did with
it. And there’s something special about it. So I
mean, if this one doesn’t go, I’m completely
bewildered. I have no idea how television works at

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