The rumors persist  that both Legend of the Seeker and FlashForward will wind up on Starz.  Given my track record with Damages and DirecTV, I won’t dismiss these notions completely.   But that means I’m still about 99% dismissive.   Sure, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, but in this case you’d need to be smoking what the FlashForward and Legend of the Seeker fans are to see it.

Legend of the Seeker fans see their show as being compatible with Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  I suppose if they worked the phrase “By Jupiter’s cock,” into the dialogue and injected a lot of nudity there is a case to be made.  It is at least a period piece and Starz has been big on those lately (“Spartacus,” “The Pillars of the Earth,” and the upcoming “Camelot.”

My vote: neither.  At least DirecTV can use Damages as a marketing tagline: “Exclusive home of the Emmy Award winning Damages!”  Starz can’t do that with Legend of the Seeker, and certainly can’t do that with FlashForward.   “Exclusive Home of a show that premiered to millions on ABC and then lost most of them,” doesn’t have much of a marketing ring to it.

FlashForward’s hardcore fans are running wild based on comments by someone they don’t know who claims Starz told them they are aggressively seeking to acquire FlashForward.   I’d say there’s 100% chance that didn’t happen like that.

The FlashForward faithful will counter that Starz likes shows that will be big draws internationally and that FlashForward fits that bill.  But they’re misled by the early international ratings which, like the early US ratings data was quite good.  Unfortunately, just like in the US, the international ratings sank into the abyss.


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