To quote the legendary WKRP character Arthur Carlson, “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

There were any number of ways I might have reacted to the news that DirecTV had saved Damages from the cancellation heap.  As a true exclusive (versus the “kinda but not really exclusive” Friday Night Lights” deal), I can see my way around to how DirecTV  might rationalize it.  Mostly that boils down to thinking that even if Sony Pictures Television didn’t deeply discount it, the cost is still a rounding error on DirecTV’s television advertising budget.

Rather than regale you with the reasons why fans probably shouldn’t expect to see DirecTV do a lot more of these sort of deals (and fans really shouldn’t expect to see DirecTV do a lot more of these deals), I’m going to go the other way and completely embrace it.

In the coming TV season I will be producing a weekly top 10 of shows that seem likely to be canceled that ought to be picked up by DirecTV.  I’m not sure yet how I’ll implement it — I think I’ll probably just open it up to voting every week and see how that goes.  But we’ll see, I mean you already know that if Chuck’s ratings are bad or bubbleishus in the coming season I’m just going to stick it at #1 and be done with it.  But I have at least a couple of months to worry about that.

In the meanwhile, I have concocted a retrospective DirecTV top ten.  I’ll confess that beyond the top four, it’s somewhat arbitrary though all of it is based at least in part on real fan input. If you shake your fist in the air and shout, “No way!  Reaper should totally be in the top 10!,”  or “Kyle XY!? Are You Kidding Me!? How could you leave Stargate Atlantis off the list!”  or “WHAT? No “Party Down!?”  That’s Nuts!” I’m not going to take it personally, hold it against you or even disagree with you.

DirecTV Top 10 2007-2010:

Rank Show
1 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
2 Jericho
3 Moonlight
4 Dollhouse
5 FlashForward
6 Melrose Place
7 Better Off Ted
8 Ugly Betty
9 Legend of the Seeker
10 Kyle XY

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