Ah, Veronica Mars.  A long time ago, we used to be friends.   At least in an alternate universe where TV by the Numbers launched earlier than it did in this universe.  And if you subscribe to the alternate universe theory, then take solace in the notion that in some universe Veronica Mars is heading into its seventh season.

Our site launched just after Veronica Mars ended so we missed all the “Veronica Mars: Renew or Cancel?” hoopla.  But there are a lot of fossils in the historical record and despite missing the boat timing-wise, we’re well aware of Veronica Mars and how those two words usually bring out the claws for CW chief Dawn Ostroff.

Kristen Bell (who played the title role) has taken to Twitter and Facebook to rally her fan base in support of a Veronica Mars movie. There’s even the obligatory fan-baiting online petition.

While I don’t fault Ms. Bell for trying, it’s unimaginable that Warner Bros. would be moved to think it a good idea.  The show wasn’t exactly a ratings juggernaut (though for Rob Thomas, compared to Party Down, Veronica Mars was American Idol) and it didn’t reach the pop culture significance of say The Sopranos or Sex and the City.

But what if Kristen Bell could talk Betty White into playing Veronica’s great-grandmother in distress?

Netflix subscribers: all three seasons of Veronica Mars are available (in HD, too).

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