Tuesday night I attended a Community screening and Q&A with cast and producer…

Chevy Chase should be given a half hour show to sit around being funny. Period. He doesn’t need writers or a premise or anything. Just give him a chair and people like Joel McHale to feed off of, and you’ve got a guaranteed hit. It was hard to get any questions answered because he was so busy just making people laugh. In one of his few serious moments he said that he decided to do the show because the writing is fantastic, and to make friends, not money. 😉

Joel and John Oliver will continue to work for their other shows, which for John means that he is not in all 12 episodes currently planned. They put him in as many as they could fit into his schedule, but, in my opinion, if he’s not in every episode, he’s not in enough of them. Dan Harmon discussed how they have a great opportunity to use guest stars in roles as professors and have John Michael Higgins playing an accounting professor who has seen Dead Poet’s Society one too many times.

To answer Harold’s question, there are several Channel 101 alums in the Community webisodes, and Dan said that he hopes they will be able to have parts on the real show. Dan, who stars in the webisodes, will not be in many regular episodes. He said they wrote him in as the creepy guy at a party in one episode, but he’s too busy running the show to appear in it too often.

Dan also talked about how he hopes to turn the campus into another character, like “Springfield for the Simpsons.” There are a lot of opportunities to do this, but they won’t really start to explore those avenues until after the 12 episodes that have already been ordered, so if you hope to see this, you should get everyone you know to watch.

The1337, Abed is based on someone that Dan knows, which is probably why he does not have an accent.

The whole cast has really great chemistry, and I wish I could tell you everything that each one of them said, because they all managed to make everyone laugh, but you probably had to be there for most of it.

And finally, Ryan Seacreast is short. Like a hobbit. And Joel wants to sell his 2001 Toyota Highlander. Any takers?

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