By now you have probably seen promos for most, if not all, of the new fall shows.  If you haven’t, they shouldn’t be too difficult to find.  If you are like me, you already have your list of shows you will check out.  My list is pretty short, and I am not excited about any of the new shows.  In fact, when I saw the line up for PaleyFest’s Fall TV Preview Parties I decided that even free was too much to pay to see any of the new shows.  (Of course, just driving to Beverly Hills by 6 pm on a weeknight seems like a hefty entrance fee to me.)

So, while I will be checking out the pilot for at least one show per network (I decided I can spare half an hour to watch all of the sitcoms, though I am being much more picky about dramas), I will be doing so from the comfort of my own home.  What will you be watching?

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