Yesterday’s post to guess this season’s “surprise” renewal proved quite popular, so why not go the other way?

Which show that is widely expected to be renewed will you pick as your “surprise” cancellation for this season?

This is ultimately a lot trickier, since the list of shows not yet already renewed that are likely for renewal is quite short. Because I ended up picking two shows ultimately as “surprise” renewals, under different rules, I figured I’d do the same with cancellations.

The show I expect will be renewed, but would now not shock me if it were cancelled: One Tree Hill

Something about the fact that renewal for OTH has yet to be announced has planted a seed in the back of my mind that’s growing into wondering if there’s some unknown problem that’s going to kill the show.

The show I expect will be renewed, but would produce a Dollhouse -esque reaction if it were cancelled (fudging a bit): The entire CBS Friday lineup.

I expect Numb3rs to be canceled, I think Medium is in some danger, but I think Ghost Whisperer is safe. However, if all 3 shows were canceled and CBS went to an unscripted Friday that would produce a Dollhouse -esque OMFG!

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