Next weekend is the endless (and for ESPN lucrative) NFL Draft.

In that spirit. imagine that you’re the head of any (or all) US broadcast network(s), and there was a free agent primetime scripted show draft allowing you to choose a single scripted show from the current line ups of any other broadcast network.

But to make things more interesting, also imagine that the top  adults 18-49 rated scripted show from each network is protected and cannot be drafted, so these shows are off limits: House (Fox), Office (NBC), Big Bang Theory(CBS), Lost (ABC), Vampire Diaries (CW).

Would you pick a show to fill a line up gap?

Would you fill a show that fit the demographics of your audience?

Would you pick a show to hurt one of your competitors?

If I’m running ABC, I might want to find something to follow my DWTS results show on Tuesday and stick it to Fox at the same time, and pick the very women friendly Glee.

If I’m running CBS and haven’t been able to make my Wednesday comedy “block” work despite years of trying, I think I take Modern Family and strengthen my Wednesday and weaken ABC’s at the same time.

If I’m running the CW, I think I would (perhaps boringly for my purposes here), pick Glee as well. It’s got the best ratings of any scripted show for women 18-34, including all my existing ones.

If I’m running NBC, I need pretty much everything, and NCIS would fill an hour and likely anchor a big night for me with one of my dozen Law & Order spin offs.

If I’m running Fox, I’d like to find something to fill the hole being left by 24 (and maybe Lie To Me) on Monday at 9pm. Pretty much any CBS crime drama might work there, I’d pick a name out of a hat.

Now you’re on the clock. Who’d you pick?

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