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  • Laura Schaffer

    The T.V. series GRIMM, should NOT be canceled. There are many more stories to be told, very creative and well written. We need a second season of GRIMM, I really don’t watch too much t.v. I do watch GRIMM. Thank you, for your time. Please, have a few more seasons….. GRIMM is very good and well worth watching.

  • Edward G.

    Grimm is Great! Good cast and storylines
    One show I watch every week. Anyone who has watched since the beginning is hooked. A second season is a must!!

  • gretchen roth

    when is season 2 starting up for grimm? I miss this show already.

  • Ted

    More GRIMM please! Great show, this will really catch on in season 2 I think!

  • Tk

    Grimm is awesome. Love this show cant wait for season 2.

  • Christine

    The TV season (2011-2013) has so far been interesting, exciting and unexpected. Each turn has wanted the viewer to want more. You have made me want to watch TV again, I’m so sick of realty shows, please enough is enough. Networks have some of the best script writers; unleash them, their imagination is crying to be set free. It’s that what makes great TV, look at HBO; they have whooped the networks butts for years because they are not afraid to try something. Now you have some really great shows, let them play their selves out. Failure is there if you don’t make an effort to try to be the best.

  • Bob Ketler

    GRIMM is a WONDERFUL series. Instead of the same old pap the networks like to feed us made up of detective shows, medical shows, etc. here is something remarkable……something NEW and DIFFERENT. It is wonderfully scripted and played and the effects are terrific.

    If the public doesn’t bite on this show (and I don’t mean the Vampire public…hehe) then they deserve to see the twilight of network shows with the boring and vacuous junk we are being fed. This is a show that deserves to live for many, many seasons.

  • Barbara Blanton

    Grimm is an awesome show. I have mine and my parents tv to record to watch it. It can’t be cancelled I want to know what going to happen to nick.what is life has in-store for can you air a show have it get really good and interesting then not show it anymore. Why even waste time money and effort on making something if your just going to cancel it. If you have at lease million viewers hell it doing great. The cost of everything’s is going up sthere a lot of people out there can’t afford cable or internet theygo over to there peoples house and watch it.ratings are probably lot higher then they think. Anyways I think the show great and the dumbass if they cancel it.

  • Sandra Beazley

    Do not cancel Grimm. Seems you just get interested in a show and it gets cancel. I do not want to see that happen to Grimm. I was not sure about it when it first started but gradually got addicted to it. They have a good storyline and make you want to watch every week to see what is going to happen next.

  • Ann Grant

    Please don’t cancel Grimm. It is such a great show. I am really getting tired of shows that I love and invest my time in getting cancelled. Some of the best shows like “v”, GCB, and the one about vampires in the neighborhood. It was something like The Gates.

  • Jeanne Conners

    Please let Grimm continue until it dies of old age! This is very well written and I love the humor thrown in with the heartache. Helps to keep a balance. The characters are very well played (one cannot help but love Monroe, and love hating Adalind). This series is great for older kids and the adults. And having a show that the kids and adults enjoy watching together is a very good thing. Keep it coming, we’ll keep watching it. So glad to see that the next airing is March 8th!! Wonderful news. Thanks

  • David Frisch

    For the young of heart , please do not cancel.

  • Yvonne Conway

    GRIMM is AWESOME!!! Please don`t cancel yet another great tv show… Don`t the fans have a say anymore… we get hooked on a great show and want to see more… the characters are great and so is the story line!!!!

  • jen

    Keep it! Keep it! This is one i really look foward to! Better than most the other same ole same ole! Like it better than once upon a time. It is a more grown up twist to the fairy tales. I like it; its my top 2 of shows and my husband will watch it with me! My nephew loves it too! I cant believe this is not better than repeat repeat tired old reality shows with the same overdone overblown faux drama! What are we on now? The bachelor 127? No offense to anyone who loves this show.

  • trysh

    Please keep Grimm the show is amazing and taking it off would be crazy
    I want to know what happend’s and not knowing will suck so please leave Grimm on thank you

  • steven franklin

    i deleted the last two shows of grimm due to the female marrater

  • steven franklin

    i deleted the last two shows due to the female narrater…

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