You’ve probably noticed that our site looks a little bit different and that there is a new Zap2it header at the top of the site. We’re delighted to proudly be flying the Zap2it flag!

Editorially, nothing is changing. It’s still Amanda, Bill, me and Sara. We’ll still post the same content on the same schedule.

What is changing is the look and feel at the top of our site and the biggest adjustment for our readers is that the navigation is in a different place and looks a little different than it used to look. At the top of the site the new zap2it header features the same primary zap2it navigation that you see when you visit zap2it.com directly.  Underneath that, (and higher up than it used to be) is the TV by the Numbers navigation.

The changes were made for a few reasons, including that we’ll soon be the TV Ratings hub on zap2it.com, that is, folks who go to zap2it.com and click the “TV Ratings” link will come directly to our site.

Other than that and the new banner and navigation at the top, everything else will remain exactly the same.

We are aware that the new  top navigation “Home” link near the top left of the site might cause some confusion for people who came directly to our site and clicked the “HOME” link hoping to get back to the TV by the Numbers home page but instead landed on zap2it’s home page. You’ll now need to click the TV by the Numbers link that is the first link of the secondary navigation at the top of the site (and directly under the home link) to get back to our home page.

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