Update: you can now find us at http://www.facebook.com/tvbythenumbers.  Thanks to those who quickly jumped in and “Liked” us.

Though we’ve been available through Facebook for sometime now, it has been through Facebook’s “Networked Blogs” feature.

We’ve  now set up a “page” that doesn’t require going through the networked blogs.  If you’re a  Facebook user (who isn’t these days?)  please visit the page (and please “Like” it).

The two primary advantages of the “page” versus the old method are that it seems to update quicker and, if you like, you can allow some of our stories into your news stream.

I’ve toyed around with a few ways to feed our posts into Facebook, and while none of them so far are quite as fast as Twitter, it seems to update every 5 minutes or so.

Please visit it (and “Like” it) and let us know what you think and anything else you might like to see there.  Sadly we don’t have prizes for the first 25 who show up and “Like” the page, but you’ll have our extra special gratitude.  Facebook won’t let us shorten the URL until we have 25 fans!


P.S. if you’re happy with the existing “Networked Blog” version, no problem, we’re not getting rid of that.

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