Due to the New Year’s holiday, there will be delays with the normal publishing of much of our regular ratings information.

The daily cable ratings, and daily cable news ratings will be delayed according to the following schedule and the broadcast finals will follow a similar pattern. We should have them posted on our site within an hour or two after the times in the table.  Most of the weekly data that’s normally posted on Tuesdays will be pushed until Wednesday and the late night and soap opera ratings which are typically available on Thursdays will get pushed later in the week as well.

Cable Ratings For Release Day/Time (EST)
Friday 12/30/11 Tuesday 01/03/12 4:00pm
Saturday 12/31/11 Wednesday 01/04/12 9:00am
Sunday 01/01/12 Wednesday 01/04/12 9:00am
Monday 01/02/12 Wednesday 01/04/12 4:00pm
Tuesday 01/03/12 Thursday 01/05/12 9:00am

There may be delays with the preliminary fast affiliate ratings  for the broadcast networks as well.

There are a number of ways to keep up with the information we publish, particularly when there may be delays. Check them out.

Happy New Year!

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