Update: the iPhone version has been re-enabled.  The issue with the attempts to view the site in normal mode not working should now be fixed.

Original post:

After getting a few questions about it, I wanted to let iPhone users know that we’ve turned off the special iPhone “version” of the site (actually a special WordPress theme), at least temporarily, as an experiment.

We added the special iPhone theme last fall and there’s certainly a lot to like about it, but we know that many of our tables are too wide to be seen in that theme (and there is little we can do to make the biggest tables smaller). We figured that since users had the option to turn the iPhone theme off, that was OK.

However, recently, we’ve had a number of reports that the turning off doesn’t alway work properly. That, plus the fact that our site visits from iPhones fell from 30,000+ in October (pre-iPhone theme), to about 3,000 in the past month, caused us turn off the iPhone theme, again, at least temporarily, to gauge the effect. Stay tuned.

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