Rejoice ye iPhone and iPod Touch wielding slaves to Twitter, we have re-enabled the iPhone theme.

But folks who HATED the iPhone version of the site, please don’t panic yet.  I think we’ve solved your problems as well.  I know that in the past, attempting to switch out of the iPhone version didn’t work, no matter how many times you pressed the button to view the site in normal mode.  This was the major reason I turned the plugin off to begin with, but it should be fixed now.

I know there are those who want the normal web experience either so they can see any tables that are truncated in the iPhone version or just plain like the regular web experience better.  You should be able to switch to that version now.

The issue we had with our iPhone visits plummeting is really just a glitch in tracking.  For some reason, with the plug-in enabled iPhone visits do not record as being from the iPhone.  That’s not a big deal to us.  But the inability to switch to the normal version of the site was a big deal.

It turns out that the problem with not being able to switch back and forth was a function of how the plug-in worked with our caching software.   But I’ve made some settings changes in our caching software that fixed the problem.

This solution will hopefully make most of you happy.  I’m well beyond having any hope that we can make ALL of you happy, but hopefully this gets us to 95% or so.

I know the experience of trying to switch to the normal site view and then not being able to no matter how many times you pushed the button to do so was maddeningly frustrating.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but the next time you push that button, it should work.

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