I think the least likely explanation is that we’ve been blocked universally in China, but it’s the most interesting one! (the most likely, and most boring, explanation, is that one of our various spam defenses has blocked certain IP address ranges)

Is anyone else visiting the site from China that would care to share their experiences?

  1. ___0214_normaltonejam @TVbytheNumbers My friends locate in different cities in China also cant visit your site.Anyway,thanks for your reply.about 15 hours ago from Seesmic
  2. Tvlogofeedburn80x80_normalTVbytheNumbers @tonejam hard to say. it could be intermittent, or it could be your IP address got in our “malware/spam” filter. sorry for the probs.about 15 hours ago from web

  3. Tvlogofeedburn80x80_normalTvlogofeedburn80x80_normal
    TVbytheNumbers @tonejam alertra.com shows good worldwide access, not sure what the problem might be. The site has been fine today.about 17 hours ago from Twitterrific

  4. ___0214_normal
    tonejam @TVbytheNumbers I cant open your website without proxy fm Shanghai,is there any problem with your web?or just bcz my gov blocked your site? about 18 hours ago from Seesmic
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