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Nielsen suffered some kind of power outage last night and as a result we’re told there will not be any Fast Nationals this morning, instead they will just publish final national numbers this afternoon.  If the fast nationals wind up getting published before the final numbers, we’ll post a regular overnight report.

This will cause some delays with the normal weekly ratings information as well.

We’re not sure when data will begin to flow again, but we’ll keep you updated.

Update (10:15a PT): everything is still delayed.  Nielsen sent a note to its clients saying the cause was a power outage in its Oldsmar data center this morning. Everything is back up and running and Nielsen will process the data as soon as possible.  Nielsen expects to send out another update at 4pm ET/1pm PT.

Update (1:15p PT): Sorry folks, just heard from Nielsen that none of the normal weekly info (for week ending 11/15) would be processed today due to the problems mentioned above.  Nielsen said it would update us tomorrow morning as far as the weekly numbers go.  So no weekly rankings or Renew/Cancel Index until at least tomorrow.  I’m still not sure about numbers for last night, but will post an update (or the numbers) when I hear.

Update (2:05p PT):  Monday’s data isn’t coming today either.  This is now the equivalent of a TVBTN snow day!

Update (8:00A PT November 18): The logjam is breaking. I’m just seeing the fast national numbers for Monday night…

Update (8:30A PT November 18): Tuesday night’s fast national numbers just arrived so it looks like things are finally back on track.

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