An extra geeky edition of TV by the Numbers by the numbers….

Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser for accessing our site, but it’s share has eroded quite a bit since we started when more than 60% of the visits to our site were from Internet Explorer:

Will Chrome keep rising?

When it comes to the operating system used by folks visiting our site, it’s still overwhelmingly a Windows world:

Look at the beat down PS3 is putting on Wii!  Kidding.  One thing that surprises me is that the combined iPhone/iPod usage has actually gone down (at least as a percentage of our traffic) since we added an iPhone enabled version of the site.

Here too, Microsoft’s share has eroded from the earliest days of the site, but not nearly as badly as it has with Internet Explorer.   For the first four months of our site (~9/1/2007-12/31/2007) Windows had nearly an 89% share of visits with Macintosh at around 11%.

The results noted above are all for the last 30 days.

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