Many people (including me) are speculating about what Betty White will do next on the heels of huge ratings success in her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live.   Aside from an upcoming  guest appearance on The Middle and a recurring role in the upcoming TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland, can there be any doubt that ABC will woo her for Dancing With the Stars?

Now the Facebook users who spurred the movement to get Ms. White the hosting gig on SNL are at it again. This time lobbying for her to host the Academy Awards.

There’s no doubt Ms. White is hot right now, and though it’s hard to correlate the Facebook campaign with ratings there is no denying the ratings were very good.    But Ms. White isn’t exactly rallying the troops:

“I didn’t know what Facebook was,” White said, ”Now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it seems like a huge waste of time.”

Update: D’oh.  I’ve been snookered by mainstream media! That quote is apparently from her SNL monologue.  I actually saw the story about the Facebook comments on my local news, and it wasn’t spun as part of the SNL monologue and it wasn’t really spun that way in the New York Daily News story either. My apologies to Facebook users everywhere!
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