Community creator Dan Harmon isn’t a big fan of TV by the Numbers’ Renew/Cancel Index.  To paraphrase Mr. Harmon’s feelings: you dopes had my show being canceled half a season, then on the basis of nothing Community did, you changed it.  Every week: likely to be canceled.  Then with no change to your precious numbers, presto, like magic: likely to be renewed.    Ass clowns!

I understand the sensitivity.   But sometimes things happen that change the way the numbers are interpreted, even if the numbers themselves didn’t change.  That was the case with Community once Parks & Recreation was renewed.

My first four or five thoughts upon seeing CBS’s schedule this morning  amounted to “wow!”  My next thought was “Dan Harmon!”   The Big Bang Theory up against Community at 8pm on Thursdays…

Mr. Harmon handled the move with style and grace on Twitter (and even acknowledged The CW in the process.)

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