Dear TVbytheNumbers:

  • 1.)    WTF?! Can’t you keep your site up and running?  WTF is wrong with you people?
  • 2.)    I could handle the RSS feed being abstracts when your site was actually working, but now?  WTF is wrong with you people?
  • 3.)    DOLLHOUSE!!  HA!  0% Huh?  Not so. What do you say to that!!
  • 4.)    WTF is wrong with you people!?!?
  • 5.)    Where’s Chuck day 12?

1.)    We did a major hosting change move on Wednesday evening.  There are still some kinks to work out, though uptime hasn’t been flawless, so far I’m thrilled with the level of customer support we’re receiving from our new host.  I think it will likely take a few more days to get everything tweaked properly.  But it is important to us, and we definitely are working on it. If things are still not working well as far as uptime, after that, we will evaluate other solutions.   Sure, we could spend $5,000 a month and almost never have any downtime, but unfortunately we’re not making $5,000 a month.   Someday we’d love to make $50,000 a month and have no problem with spending $5,000 a month on hosting.  For now, we’re in it for the fun of it (and aside from the hosting issues, it is a lot of fun for us) and not the money.   We’re not in it to lose money either though, so we will not be spending more on hosting than we are making under any scenario.

2.)    It’s a fair point about the RSS feed.  If we can’t get in the near 100% uptime mode in the next few days or so I will reevaluate going back to full posts in the feed

3.)    Nick C from the comments has been on top of the Dollhouse rumor for DAYS.  Even with all our downtime he’s still been able to be way ahead of the mainstream media on this.  But here’s the thing, I wrote about how cheap talk is yesterday, but moreover, I’m a believer in markets.  In markets, there are buyers and there are sellers.  The question is, where are these rumors coming from.  Are they coming from the sellers, buyers or both?  In the case of Dollhouse it is a question of “Are these rumors mostly being spun by people at FOX studios or at FOX broadcasting?  My bet is on the studio.  And I’d still bet $10 that Dollhouse isn’t coming back (I wouldn’t bet $1,000, but I might still go $100 though!).

4.)    WTF is wrong with us?  I know!  I mean we’re working our asses off, often, harder than either of us ever worked for the least money either of has made since we were in high school (and perhaps even then – I believe minimum wage was $1.75 an hour when Bill was in high school, split between us both, less expenses I’m not sure we’re making that much now).  So why would we do that and deal with the whiny annoying people with a huge sense of entitlement who send those sorts of e-mails?  Because they represent only a tiny portion of our readership.  The rest of you are fabulous and make it a lot of fun for us.

5.)    Coming later this afternoon, site willing.

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