I’ve gotten some funny or strange e-mails and phone calls via this site over the years,  but this one from tonight is my favorite.  Warning, it’s not safe for work and if you’re offended by colorful language, you shouldn’t play it.

My favorite part is at the end when he says, “gimme a call back if you have a minute.”


The Google transcription service didn’t do such a good job with the message:

Sir, This is a message if you don’t get it, but I will. Hurst anything on your site. All I could see it, hosted by a bunch of retard that this initially is not responsible. All I can do is follow the and then put your nothing important seems to be at your side, total, and I really. Spashley Dobbin about your course up your numbers for shipped it. So I’m just interested in it. Gimme a call back given them.

Spashley Dobbin?

Still, I’m a huge fan of the Google Voice service.

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