Nikki Finke has a release from MMC on her site noting that based on November comScore results, was bigger than The Hollywood Reporter and Variety combined.
1,111,000 Unique Visitors
2,397,000 Visits
4,000,000 Page Views
515,000 Unique Visitors
881,000 Visits
2,000,000 Page Views
336,000 Unique Visitors
429,000 Visits
1,000,000 Page Views

Sadly, I do not have our comScore data for November.   Finke’s uniques, visits and page views track pretty closely to her Quantcast numbers though, and if that held up for us in comScore (which it may well not have) we were at 3.7 million page views for November, but had only about half the Unique visitors and visits as Finke (which still would have us above both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter in both categories, but only bigger than both combined with page views).

Disclaimer: even though Finke’s comScore results jibe more or less with the direct measurement in Quantcast, it’s quite possible that ours do not, and for reasons I won’t bore you with, that we’d show up much smaller in comScore.  It’s also possible that was the case with and THR too.  But neither of those publications are measured directly by Quantcast, so I can’t really triangulate that data as I can with and since both are directly measured.  You can look it up at

P.S. our December traffic has been kinda eh.  Finke is down too though but she had a huge spike in traffic around Thanksgiving.

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