Epitaph One 1

Woo hoo!  OK, so normally this would be a huge “so what?”

We learned last season that shows could be downloaded only around 25,000 times and achieve number one status on the iTunes top TV show downloads list.  And with it being summer, it could be a lot less.  We know the Dollhouse DVDs didn’t sell like hotcakes the first week of release (should see second week details by Tuesday).

It’s probably for the best that eleventy billion people don’t download Epitaph One, because you don’t want to do anything to encourage people at the networks to start thinking “You know, maybe we should hold back all our season finales for the DVDs and iTunes!”

I think it’s a lock that not even 50K have downloaded it so far (if anyone from 20th Century studios wants to give me the exact number, I will very happily publish it!), but there is actually a “So What?” here.

The so what is that fans of decent science fiction, Dollhouse or simply all things Whedon can buy the epiosde for $1.99 without having to spring for the whole DVD.  Sure, you can just wait around and hope it shows up somewhere in syndication someday. It no doubt will.  But there are a few hours to kill before the next episode of True Blood and the season premiere of Mad Men air, so if you have some time to kill, I think it’s worth the $1.99.

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