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Most-Viewed Live Stream Ever for a Single Sports Event

FOX Sports GO and Generate Average Audience of 528,000 Viewers per Minute

New York—FOX Sports’ live stream of the Seattle Seahawks dominant performance in Super Bowl XLVIII, defeating the Denver Broncos 43-8, was watched by an average audience of 528,000 viewers per minute – the most-viewed live stream ever for a single sports event in the U.S.


1- All-time record for live stream of single sports event: average of 528,000 viewers per minute:

·         +4% vs. Super Bowl XLVII (508,000) on in 2013.

·         +52% vs. Super Bowl XLVI (346,000) on in 2012.

·         Other recent comparisons of live streams for single sports events (average viewers per minute):

o   +109% vs. 2014 BCS Championship (252,000, ESPN).

o   +49% vs. 2010 Spain vs. Germany World Cup Semifinal (355,000, ESPN).

2- Super Bowl record for audience engagement:  Users spent an average of 47.8 minutes watching the live stream.

·         +25% vs. Super Bowl XLVII (38.1 minutes) on in 2013.

·         +29% vs. Super Bowl XLVI (37.4 minutes) on in 2012.

3- Peak audience:1.1 million concurrent users at 9:11 p.m. ET during the 3rd quarter.

4- Traffic for on Super Bowl Sunday scored 5.5 million unique visitors, +13% vs. the last FOX Sports televised Super Bowl in 2011 and +84% vs. last year’s Super Bowl.

5- FOX Sports GO was #1 most-downloaded sports app for iPhones and iPads on Super Bowl Sunday, and #2 most-downloaded iPad app across all categories.

·         First time ever the Super Bowl was streamed through iOS and Android apps.

FOX Sports provided live streams of Super Bowl XLVIII on the FOX Sports GO app for iPads, Android tablets, and the Kindle Fire, as well as on desktops through and


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