You might think it’s crazy to enjoy watching video on a small screen, if so, I don’t have a problem with you thinking I’m crazy.  For everyone else, an updated Netflix app arrived in the app store this  morning in a universal application that works on the iPhone,  iPod Touch and iPad   (which already had a working application for months).

I’m pretty delighted with it so far.  I know some folks are upset that you can’t manage your DVD queues from the app and if I was an avid user of physical DVDs from Netflix I might be too.  But, I’m not.   And there are even the crazies who own an iPhone 4 and are upset that Netflix didn’t design the icons for the application to take advantage of the retinal display.   However crazy you think I am, I’m not that crazy.  The icons don’t bother me a bit!

The primary reason I was interested in Hulu Plus was so I could watch video on my iPhone.   But I practically never used it.  While I love Hulu and really don’t mind the ads when viewing on my computer, I hated the freaking frak out of them on my iPhone. Could. Not. Stand. Them.   I suspect that’s because on the computer I can just check e-mail, sports scores or whatever and it didn’t bother me.  Couldn’t do that with the iPhone version.

Netflix to the rescue.  Version 1.1 of the Netflix application requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Update:  I should’ve mentioned that the app is free and there are no extra charges for Netflix subscribers. The app will stream over WiFi or 3G. Stream quality is adjusted based on how much bandwidth you have available.

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