Mark Cuban with Cubs Fans

OK, Dawn Ostroff doesn’t need to worry about Mark Cuban gunning for her job, but Cubes has a very thoughtful post up on his blog that among other things delves into the notion that broadcast networks might be better served by sometimes gaming the Internet on sites like YouTube and Hulu:

I think the real approach is for the broadcast networks to “Game” Youtube.  There is nothing that says that they cant use Youtube to audition their pilots. By putting pilots on Youtube and Hulu as well, its a chance to see what the level of interest is for the pilots. This “crowdsourcing” approach, when combined with some traditional research and analysis could allow broadcast networks to be smarter in chosing which pilots to put on TV.

Not only would it allow broadcast and cable networks as well to be smarter, but it also would allow them to get paid to promote the show. Its in Youtube’s  financial interest to promote the pilots heavily. Its the most professionaly produced content available to it to promote. So why wouldn’t they ? More promotion means that pilots would actually generate revenue in addition to awareness prior to a network scheduling decision being made.

And OK, Mark didn’t even mention Body Politic, but if I looked at the Internet “crowd sourcing” for CW Pilots, it seems like Body Politic would’ve been on the fall schedule.

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