If I wrote a proper disclaimer for this data, it would be longer than the press release from ABC, and I’m not interested enough.   Things you should know:

– streams are a pretty worthless metric because they don’t give you any idea how long someone watched and whether it was a clip or a full episode

– Hulu isn’t included for Lost.  It isn’t included for American Idol.  It isn’t included for Glee or Dancing With the Stars or V (yes, V!) or 24 or any other show that is in the lists below that are also available on Hulu.

ABC.com is the No. 1 Online Broadcast Site for May 2010,

Up 17% Over April 2010 and Taking the Top Spot for the 5th Straight Month

With the “Lost” Series Finale Leading up to the “DWTS” Finale, ABC.com Has its Biggest Traffic Day and Most Daily Unique Viewers Ever on May 24, 2010

ABC’s “Lost” is May 2010’s No. 1 Program in Unique Viewers,

Standing as the Top Program for the 2nd Time in the Last 4 Months

Based on data as reported from Nielsen VideoCensus for May 2010, which included the 2010 May Sweep period, ABC.com (6.3 million UVs) ranked as the No. 1 online broadcast site for the month in Unique Viewers. ABC.com’s finish represented the 5th consecutive month (Jan ’10 – May ‘10) that the ABC website has taken the top spot. ABC.com beat CBS Television by 47% (4.3 million UVs), Fox Broadcasting by 58% (4.0 million UVs), NBC.com by 85% (3.4 million UVs) and Cwtv.com by 473% (1.1 million UVs).

  • ABC.com was up in Unique Viewers over the previous month by 17% (5.4 million UVs – Apr ‘10).
  • On Monday, May 24, the day following the “Lost” series finale and leading up to the Monday “DWTS” season finale, ABC.com had its biggest traffic day ever, with 15.6 million page views (previous high – 11.9 million) and 2.2 million daily unique viewers (previous high – 2.0 million).

Program Highlights – Unique Viewers (May ‘10)

For viewing of full episodes and short-form content, ABC.com owned 6 of the Top 10 spots during May ’10, including the No. 1 series, “Lost,” taking the top position for the 2nd time in 4 months.

  • ABC.com’s Top 10 entries include “Lost” (No. 1 – 2.131 million Unique Viewers), “Dancing with the Stars” (No. 3 – 1.424 million UVs), “Grey’s Anatomy” (No. 5 – 861,000 UVs), “Desperate Housewives” (No. 6 – 772,000 UVs), “V” (No. 8 – 671,000 UVs) and “General Hospital” (No. 9 – 619,000 UVs).

Program Highlights – Total Streams (May ‘10)

For Total Streams, ABC.com claimed 3 of the Top 10 shows in May ’10.

  • ABC.com’s Top 10 entries in Total Streams include “Lost” (No. 2 – 18.6 million Total Streams), “Grey’s Anatomy” (No. 7 – 6.7 million TS) and “Dancing with the Stars” (No. 8 – 6.5 million TS).

Broadcast Network Websites – Unique Viewers (May ‘10)

Name Unique Viewers

No. 1 ABC.com                                        6.3 million

No. 2 CBS Television                                 4.3 million

No. 3 Fox Broadcasting                               4.0 million

No. 4 NBC.com                                        3.4 million

No. 5 Cwtv.com                                       1.1 million

Top 10 Programs – Unique Viewers (May ‘10)

Program Net Unique Vieers

No. 1 Lost                     ABC                  2.131 million

No. 2 America Idol              Fox                  1.886 million

No. 3 Dancing with the Stars    ABC                  1.424 million

No. 4 Saturday Night Live       NBC                  1.094 million

No. 5 Grey’s Anatomy            ABC                  861,000

No. 6 Desperate Housewives     ABC                  772,000

No. 7 Glee                      Fox                  711,000

No. 8 V                         ABC                  671,000

No. 9 General Hospital          ABC                  619,000

No.10 24                        Fox                  596,000

Top 10 Programs – Total Streams (May ‘10)

Program Net Total Streams

No. 1 America Idol              Fox                  20.4 million

No. 2 Lost                      ABC                  18.6 million

No. 3 Glee                      Fox  13.6 million

No. 4 Saturday Night Live       NBC                  8.1 million

No. 5 24                        Fox                  7.8 million

No. 6 VAM (Vampire Diaries)          CW                   7.2 million

No. 7 Grey’s Anatomy           ABC                  6.7 million

No. 8 Dancing with the Stars    ABC                  6.544 million

No. 9 GOS (Gossip Girl)         CW                   6.516 million

No.10 House                    Fox                  4.6 million

ABC.com’s Full Episode Player delivers a high-quality viewing experience to users and premium to advertisers, attracting a young, highly educated and loyal audience. Additionally, ABC.com features an embeddable short-form video player that is home to a variety of content, including original webisodes, exclusive sneak peeks and interviews with the stars of ABC’s most popular series. ABC.com is available anytime, anywhere on mobile devices at m.abc.com and on the iPad via the popular ABC Player app.

Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus, Omniture – May 2010.

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