Hey!  You guys didn’t post any news about how YouTube did a deal with CBS, Lionsgate, Sony and others to stream long form video content via YouTube.  I know you guys don’t think that Online is that big of a deal yet, but this sounds like a big deal.  Why didn’t you write about it.

Some of the slacking is because Bill has been on vacation for a week, but in this case, I actually didn’t think it was that big of a deal.  Perhaps a big deal for YouTube, but not a huge deal for anyone who wants to watch old ALF episodes for free online,  because anyone who wanted to that, already could.  There doesn’t seem to be any exclusive content, so again, while perhaps a big deal for YouTube, and bigger distribution for the content providers (how big does  ALF’s distribution really need to be?) it doesn’t seem that big of a deal.   Now, if YouTube announces it will exclusively stream the 13th episode of Dollhouse that will only be available on DVD otherwise, we’ll be all over that.

Hey!  You guys didn’t post any news about NBC Universal’s dwindling profits!  Why not?

Well, GE Earnings were widely reported all over the Internet.  There weren’t any surprises as far as NBC Universal’s numbers went.  Regular readers of the site would know that the NBC local affiliates are getting hurt, and that ad sales and ratings are down for the broadcast net while the cable networks are thriving.    I didn’t have anything to add really, but there is a good slide from the GE earnings presentation on page 23 of this PDF file.

You did substitute Renew/Cancel posts for ABC, FOX and NBC, but not CBS or the CW!  Why not?

I meant to get to CBS but just haven’t yet.  I still might.   As for the CW, there’s not much to say.  It seems like Reaper isn’t likely to come back,  Privileged seems like it definitely won’t be coming back, and we don’t really know what the deal with The Game and Everybody Hates Chris is.    It will be interesting to see what new shows CW puts on the schedule next year.

You are SO MEAN to Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but nice to Chuck, that’s not fair! If you love Chuck so much, why don’t you marry it?

We are not so mean to Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.   I have watched every episode of both shows and really enjoyed the Dollhouse episode last week.  I wasn’t much on this year’s TSCC, though I enjoyed some episodes.  But I’m as big of a Summer Glau fan as the next guy.   But here, we comment on show ratings, not show quality.  The ratings for TSCC are very bad, have been very bad for a while and so we’ve been commenting that the ratings were very bad for a while.  We don’t make these comments to be mean to TSCC (and to a lesser degree Dollhouse, whose numbers aren’t quite as bad), we make them because the ratings are bad.

This is a site about ratings and predicting show renewals and cancelations.  Show’s with bad ratings don’t get renewed.   It’s just the way it is.  Bill and I are both very resigned to the world working that way, as are many of our readers.  But, sometimes fans want to ignore data.  If they really want to ignore ratings data, this is probably not a good site to visit.

We’re not nicer to Chuck.  I’m a big Chuck fan but I’m a big Supernatural fan, too.  I also really liked season one of United States of Tara, and Lost is probably my favorite show on television right now.   I also watch Hell’s Kitchen like a fiend (I was bummed about Robert’s heart!).   I don’t talk about Supernatural, US of Tara, Lost or Hell’s Kitchen much because all of those shows are definitely coming back for another season already.  Chuck’s fate is uncertain.  I wouldn’t say I was nicer to Chuck than TSCC, I would say the numbers for TSCC point to absolutely no way it is renewed.   Chuck’s numbers are kind of mediocre, but so are NBC’s.   Chuck’s numbers aren’t as bad as TSCC’s numbers either in the absolute or relative to the networks they are on or there situations.  If not for Jay Leno, we’d peg Chuck as a lock to be renewed.  But with Jay Leno it could go either way.

It’s the numbers that dictate that TSCC is in a situation where it will definitely be canceled, and that Chuck is in a situation where it could go either way.  Chuck is in a better position than TSCC.  That’s not because we’re nicer to it, it’s because it’s in a better situation based on the numbers.

Hey, those ads on your site with the stretch-marks are really GROSS!  Please make them stop!!

Google might not be evil, but you better believe a good portion of its profits come from ads that exploit people’s insecurities.   While they give you some tools to remove these ads, they don’t allow you with a single click to remove all “self-help” ads.  It’s unfortunate.  And the “you’re too fat”, “your teeth are too yellow,” etc. style ads have dozens and dozens of domain addresses for the exact same thing.   I do try to block them all, but even once I’ve added them to the block list, sometimes it takes several hours to actually block them.  So ugly, nasty, stretch-marks.  Sorry.  I wish there was an easier way to do it.  Blame Google!

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