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Jeff Bewkes hopes to put more TV on the internet, but he’s going to make consumers prove they’ve paid for it.

Time Warner, the largest owner of cable networks including TNT, Cartoon Network, CNN and HBO, sat back and watched as broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox tried to sort out the distribution of TV on the web. But now Mr. Bewkes, Time Warner CEO, has a plan to put all cable programming on the web in places such as Hulu, MySpace, Yahoo TV, or even YouTube. Of course, there’s a catch. To get it you’ll have to prove you subscribe to pay TV through cable, satellite, or telco.

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes
Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes

“If you want to watch your favorite TV network or shows through broadband on any device — PCs or mobile — you can do it as long as you subscribe to any multichannel provider,” Mr. Bewkes told Advertising Age. “It’s a natural extension of the existing model.” – read the rest on

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