Someday, perhaps a new study will be commissioned that shows that fans of low-rated television shows that wind up getting canceled are more influenced to purchase things based on TV advertising.  That study will be followed up by another study that shows people who watch TV over the Internet are more influenced by advertising.   I imagine those studies will be very popular around here.  This one?  No so much.

From TV Week:

The report, called “How Media Works: Advertising and the Purchase Funnel,” was conducted by Yankelovich for the TVB to determine the role TV plays as part of a multiplatform environment for advertising.

At a time when economic conditions make it more important than ever to maximize their advertising expenditures to get consumers to purchase their goods, the study examines the role of television advertising in driving consumer actions throughout the purchase decision process; how television interacts with other media platforms and how purchase decisions are made as a result of interactions with media.


The findings challenge the popular assumptions that traditional media-particularly television-affects mainly the top of the funnel, or awareness, and that interactive media is effective at the funnel’s bottom, with purchase being the last click.

Yankelovich found that TV was the most impactful medium as far as awareness, consideration, preference and purchase are concerned. The Internet was second in each case.

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