Nielsen has renamed its integrated television and online viewing initiative from “TV Everywhere” to “TVandPC.”  While I would have preferred Nielsen just call it “TV and PC” the renaming is smart since the “TV Everywhere” was easily confused with the online initiatives from cable companies dubbed “TV Everywhere.”

Nielsen is on track to measure integrated television and online viewing for shows that air the same commercials online as aired on TV this September, but it will use results beginning in September only for evaluation purposes.  The evaluation period is schedule to end in February 2011.

C3 is the measurement of commercial viewing live and up to three days after the show initially aired.  Again, shows that don’t include the same commercials online that ran on TV will not be included in the measurements, but shows that do use the same commercials will be counted up to three days after the show aired.

A lot of questions remain, like whether Hulu’s Jason Kilar will agree to the huge increases in the number of commercials this will bring for Hulu, or whether Jason Kilar will be looking for a new job.  There’s really not much of a compromise in-between because ABC, NBC and FOX are going to want to make as much money as they can on the Hulu viewing and they will make  TV dollars rather than digital dimes for the online viewing, provided it includes the full commercial load.

Though holding the shows off Hulu for three days and airing them with fewer commercials might be an option, I can’t imagine it’s an attractive option for the networks whose parent companies have invested in Hulu.

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